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How come this works on Python2 but not in Python3?

For some reason I don’t get why my code is not working on my Python3 have tired to tweak the code but yet no correct results

14 Apr 2020 12:29:26 PM

I want to select product based on his type, if type1 NULL then the type using type 2, if not then use type 1 I'm migrating my code from .NET CORE 2.2 to .NET CORE 3.1. I'm encountering the below error while reading connection string from appsettings.json "'Configuration' does not contain a definition for

17 Apr 2020 04:24:04 PM

The reason why it is not recommended - is maven/gradle provides lot of plugins which will help you to run your test cases, generate reports for those test cases, control the build if test cases fails. All these plugins will look up at the default path, so if you decide to use a different path rather than default - you need to change the path for test cases in all your plugin. so if you choose to use your own path for test resources, you are just adding overhead of additional configuration changes.

17 Apr 2020 05:04:04 PM